Your Massage Therapist’s Tips For A Experience Better Sleep

For optimal mental and phsycial well being, you need to sleep soundly for at least eight hours a day. While you may have a certain time that you go to bed, however, you still might not get the best sleep because of one or more things that reduce your sleep quality.

With a reduction in sleep quality, you’ll wake up still feeling tired, while possibly waking up in the middle of the night struggling to fall back soundly asleep. Fortunately, there are things you can try, as well as changes you can make to your daily lifestyle, to improve the quality of your sleep and get the most out of your eight hours in bed.

Ensure Your Bedroom is Dark and Quiet

Sleeping in a room that’s dark, cool, and quiet is the best environment for sound sleep. Maybe it’s possible to turn off your lights, turn on a fan, or put away a ticking clock in order to make for a comfortable bedroom if you can’t fall asleep. If you watch TV in bed or have your computer in your room with you, perhaps it will be easier for you to turn it off, or put it in another room so you have more time at night to be in bed.

Reduce Your Exposure to Lights

With darkness, your body creates the hormone known as melatonin, which encourages better sleep. Throughout the day, however, you can be exposed to artificial light from light fixtures and screens, especially in the evening and before bedtime. Too much light at this time of day can mess up yor circadium rhythm, in which your body works on a certain clock of its own, so it’s naturally supposed to know when it’s time for bed. If possible, dim the brightness that comes from lighting, TVs, computers and smartphones so your eyes and mind can relax more easily at night.

Set a Routine Sleeping Schedule

It’s important to not fall asleep at a random time each night. Choose a proper time to sleep and a proper time to wake up, and keep that schedule indefinitely unless a change in your career or school requires it. However, don’t stop there. An hour before you go to bed, be sure to do an activity that relaxes the body. Such activities include taking a bath, doing yoga exercises, or reading a book.

Try a Relaxing Massage

If your sleeping problems are more stress-related, you can consider a hot stone massage near me that you can pay for once a month. Massaging of the body helps ease tension and detoxifies your body in which you feel less pain and stiffness. This allows your muscles to better relax and your mind to feel at ease, even weeks following your visit. A soothing massage can certainly promote a better night’s sleep.

Avoid Questionable Beverage Choices

Sodas, wines, beer, coffee, these are all things that contain caffeine and/or alcohol that can disrupt quality sleep and create insomnia. Drinking alcoholic and caffeinated beverages can also lead to anxiety in certain users. Caffeine can also give you an even worse mood if you’re already deprived of sleep. For drinks that can help you fall asleep at night, we suggest herbal tea, warm milk, or cherry juice.


A lack of good sleep can be caused by various different things. Be sure to undergo changes to your lifestyle to ensure you get proper sleep and maintain a good physical and mental well being. Don’t forget to check out a relaxing hot stone massage you can experience at least once per month.

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