All About The Infamous Back-Walking Massage

There are many different types of massages you can get at your massage center in Columbus, from the Swedish massage to the sports massage. One of the most unique massages, however, doesn’t require the use of hands for the most part. This is known as the back-walking massage.

Also known as the Ashiatsu massage, the back-walking massage is definitely what it sounds like: The masseuse walks on the patient’s back for added massaging pressure. Truth be told, the feet are more capable of massaging a patient’s deep tissues compared to the hands and fingers, and the back-walking massage makes it very easy to transfer pressure when using feet bearing the masseuse’s entire body weight and standing on the back of the patient, though some of this pressure can be limited with the masseuse holding on to a bar, bench, rope, stool, or other type of support. And of course, the masseuse is always barefoot during this procedure.

This massage originates from the Indian region of Kerala thousands of years ago. In its earliest form, the massage was known as “Chavutti Thirumal” or “foot massage” or “leg massage”. Chavutti Thirumal was also considered as a performance art and involved masseuses with background in dance or martial arts walking on the patient’s back for relief. Of course, the back-walking massage you can get today doesn’t come with any theatrics, since all the magic takes place with your body face down.

Who is the Back-Walking Massage For?

Anybody can pay for a back-walking massage, but it is often recommended for people that have been experiencing chronic pain and want it relieved to a great extent. An ordinary deep tissue massage is also advertised to do this, but if a massage you’ve done at one of the massage places near me was not all that effective, the back-walking massage is sure to be.

However, as you can imagine, not everybody can handle this massage. There will be much intensity and pressure felt, so if it’s too much for you, you’re welcome to opt for the deep tissue massage or choose from other massage options. Though if you have a high threshold of intensity, you’re encouraged to try it if you’re looking for a new and unusual massage.

What is Gained with a Back-Walking Massage?

Like with other massage options, the back-walking massage works to relieve patients of pain and stress, and to an extreme degree with the greater pressure involved. So long as this massage is done right and you can handle the intensity, the massage can actually feel very relaxing.

A back-walking massage can also help extend your range of motion and flexibility. If you’re looking to be more agile, want to utilize your muscles better, or whatever the case, having a back-walking massage can unwrap your body’s potential.

If you’re looking for a better sleeping experience, this massage can also help with that, as your muscles get more relaxed and less stiff as a result. And because stress is relieved, your mood will be significantly improved so you can feel calm and at ease throughout the day.


If you want to try a unique type of massage that’s very effective, we recommend the back-walking massage. While this massage involves the masseuse walking on the patient’s back, the effects certainly work to relieve the patient of pain and enhance flexibility, and improve the patient’s mood and sleeping habits. But of course, not every patient can withstand this massage, so consult with one of our specialists to see if a back-walking massage is right for you.

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