Foot Reflexology Massage

An invigorating foot massage improves the blood circulation and enlivens the tired feet after a long day. At Massage Escape, our therapists are trained in various techniques and modalities to suit specific needs of every guest. Those suffering from ankle injuries or plantar fasciitis are effectively benefited by our therapies that combine the traditional Swedish and sports massage techniques.

We provide the best foot massage that goes beyond relaxation and pain relief. It offers complete rejuvenation by reducing the level of stress in the whole body. It can revitalize and relax you after standing on your feet for the entire day. The scientific research studies have attested the benefits of foot massage. Our foot and ankle massager and specialists can alleviate the joint pain and reduce sore muscles for speedy recovery after an injury.

The Techniques Used:

A wide range of treatment modalities and techniques are deployed to relieve the calf, foot, and ankle pain through our specialized foot massage sessions. Hot towels are used to refresh the feet. The therapists apply organic oils and cream to the feet and massage it gently using different techniques including stretching and thumb pressure.

Tailored Packages:

When looking for a massage center in the nearby areas, you should lay your trust in a reputed clinic having years of experience behind its expertise. We, at Massage Escape, are backed by a team of therapists that pay personalized attention to every guest. We will discuss your pain levels prior to the treatment to create a proper therapy plan.

Depending on the specific medical conditions, lifestyle, diet, and requirements of the clients, we can tailor our foot massage packages to suffice them all.

Why Choose Us?

We are the most trusted foot massage experts in Columbus and nearby areas. When looking for a spa near me, you can trust us completely for our specialized treatment plans. Our plans are comprehensive and include one-hour massage sessions designed as per your convenience.

Please give us a call to book your session.