Deep Tissue Massage in Columbus, OH

Massage reaches deeper layers of muscles to reduce pain and treat an injury

A deep tissue massage therapy works by applying pressure on your muscles as well as fascia. During the massage, the therapist here gives firm pressure and slow strokes so that it reaches the deeper layers of muscle and fascia which is the connective tissue surrounding your muscles. Generally, the deep tissue massage focuses on providing relief from a specific problem. However, it is very effective in providing relief from various types of body pains.

Though the techniques used in this massage are somewhat similar to the Swedish massage but its purpose is very different. The deep tissue involves firm pressure and strokes to break up the scar tissue and breaks down the muscle knots that interrupt the circulation of blood, cause pain, inflammation in the body and limit the range of motion. This deep tissue massage therapy is effective in rehabilitating injuries, easing chronic pains and reducing stress.

How does the deep tissue massage therapy work?

A deep tissue massage is for the people who are comfortable with an intense massage as the therapist here uses firmer pressure to reach deeper layers of muscle tissues and fascia. It takes more pressure during the massage to reach these key areas. Thus, it can be a little uncomfortable for the receiver. Nevertheless, it is highly effective.

The massage therapy begins with the therapist warming up your body and preparing your muscles applying light pressure to the needed areas. It is designed to focus on treating a specific problem related to chronic muscle pain, limited mobility or tennis elbow. After preparing your body, the therapist uses a specific technique including stripping and friction.

Why should you trust Massage Escape to get the best deep tissue massage therapy?

Deep tissue massage involves giving firm pressure to muscles and fascia for deeper effects and results. Therefore, it is important to choose your massage therapist carefully so that you can enjoy the benefits of this therapy in a hassle-free manner. The licensed and certified deep tissue massage experts at the Massage Escape make sure that your purpose of getting a massage is served with utmost relief and satisfaction. Using the most suitable technique to target your specific problem, our therapists cure your various chronic pains, release stress and discomfort, ease muscle tension and help heal injuries.

Benefits you can expect from a deep tissue massage therapy

  • Deep tissue massage is very beneficial for the patients of high blood pressure as it helps in lowing the blood pressure and positively impact systolic and diastolic BP readings.
  • It is proven effective in providing relief from chronic back pain by relieving muscle tension and stimulating blood circulation in the body.
  • It breaks up the scar tissue that may have developed after you suffered an injury and causing you pain, stiffness and uneasiness. It prevents the stiffness and makes you recover faster from the injury.
  • It reduces pain and inflammation in the injury by improving the blood flow.
  • It helps to relax your mind and body by releasing stress.
  • It provides relief from arthritis pain.
  • It improves mobility and the range of motions.