Back Walking Massage

Back Walking – A Heavenly Experience to Open Energy Channels Throughout the Body

Also known as Ashiatsu where Ashi means foot and Atsu means pressure, back walking massage is an ancient form of massage technique which was originally found by the monks. Initially, it was considered more of a healing art to treat than a massage form. Here, the practitioner applies deep pressure to your back which helps relieve your muscles, releases waste & toxins, and activates the self-healing capabilities of your body. In short, back walking is a heavenly experience for a person that not only soothes the back but also opens the channels that are the energy carriers to the whole body.

Let’s first learn about the history of back walking

Ashiatsu originated in the east, and its history travels across several continents with a time span of more than 3000 years. This barefoot massage has got a lot of different styles originating from countries like China, Japan, India, Thailand, and the Philippines. It can either be given on the floor mat or with the help of ropes and chains or may also be done with the help of some balancing props including bamboo rods, poles, chairs or ceiling bars.

What is the right way to perform Ashiatsu?

Ashiatsu or the back walking literally involves the massage practitioner walking barefoot on your back. It is common for the therapists to hold on to the especially attached ceiling bars or any other prop to balance and support their body and at the same time give as much pressure to your back as you like. This therapy provides the body a deep tissue massage, soothes the aching muscles, relieves pain, anxiety and stress issues, treats spine problems, and to a larger extent improves body movement and functioning too. It also induces the feeling of overall well-being among the receivers.

Why should you get Ashiatsu from the Massage Escape?

At Massage Escape, we have a team of highly qualified and well trained back walking therapists who know how to deliver the best of this healing art for maximum benefit and satisfaction of the receiver. Our professional therapists use their feet in several ways using different techniques to press and knead the tissues on your back for desired relief and relaxation. We have the right props to balance the body of the therapist and control the pressure so that no harm is caused to our client. Also, we use only quality massage oil during the barefoot massage process to avoid any harm to your skin.

The noted benefits of Ashiatsu or back walking

  • It encourages the body’s natural healing process and opens the energy channels throughout the body.
  • It goes deeper into the soft tissues to reduce pain, muscle tension and flushes out the pain-causing inflammation.
  • It improves body flexibility by stretching the tissues and equates the luxurious deep tissue massage gently.
  • It reduces cortisol level, reduces stress and leads to a deeper state of relaxation.
  • It improves blood circulation, leads to better oxygenation and releases toxins and wastes out of the body.