Couples Massage

It’s time to give yourselves a treat and relax together in our private couples massage room with two massage tables and two skilled therapists. Indulge yourselves with relaxing Swedish massage, sports massage to help your body recover, or maybe a deep tissue massage for pain. Then, finish up with hot stones!

Restore Together

For you and your loved one: Enjoy a romantic time while relaxing together. Life can put so much stress and pressure on us all, and couples massage is the perfect antidote. It’s a romantic bonding experience that gets you both away from all the hassles. In addition to the fun and relaxing time together, you’ll also feel so much better after a complete massage. 

Mother – daughter: Couples massage doesn’t have to be romantic. It’s also a great mother-daughter fun experience. The perfect time for the two of you to bond, feel good, and have a good time. Maybe you should plan a whole day? Start with a nice walk in nature. Then, a delicious lunch followed by some shopping and then a couples massage. Finish up with a great dinner together. The perfect mother-daughter day of indulgence!

Friends: What a great way to have some special time together! Luxury and relaxation all in one. Sometimes we don’t seem to have enough time to stay connected with our friends, so getting a massage together can be a great reason to get together to catch up with each other. Life is too short to lose connection with your friends. 

Many people are a little hesitant about being massaged. With couples massage, you can help your partner, mom, daughter, or friend get their first massage experience, so they can go back on their own later on. No matter why you get your couples massage, get ready to indulge and feel relaxed!