Foot Massage Service

Massage: Give your weight bearer the relaxation it deserves

Foot, the body part that carries the whole weight of your body while you are on the move, deserves special treatment and care in every sense. Whether you are doing domestic chores, out of home for shopping or a working professional, the massage can relax not only your tired feet but also rejuvenates your body and mind too. It stimulates muscles, improves blood circulation, relieves pain and reduces anxiety and tension.

Historical prominence as alternative medicine

The practice of food massage holds great importance in various cultures. It dates back to ancient Egypt and China that is around 5000 years ago. Europeans invented reflexology in the late 1800s. It involved applying some pressure to the feet to bring the body some physical change. It is believed that the Egyptian drawing on the burial site of pharaohs shows reflexology points, while in India, massage for long has been defining the relationships dynamics. American culture also approves of this massage to treat various diseases. Some noted medicinal properties of this massage include rehabilitating an injury, mental clarity, clear bowel movement, better blood circulation, pain relief and others.

Massage Escape for the best foot massage service

This massage though can be done on your own but the ultimate benefits can be reaped only when it is done by the experts. Massage Escape, thus assures you the therapeutic benefits of this ancient practice under the expertise of our experienced therapists. They incorporate the essentials elements of Thai acupressure, Chinese massage, reflexology, yoga and shiatsu so that you can enjoy the best benefits of this therapy in a holistic way.

Professionally done massage by Massage Escape balances and harmonize the flow of energy in the body. We assure that you are completely relaxed with our expertly done massage and feel rejuvenated afterwards. We use organic creams or oils during the process so that no harm is caused to your delicate skin. First, we clean your feet with a hot towel which is another way to relax your feet and then apply the moisturizer. Our certified therapists use a range of techniques including stretching, thumb pressure and massage to treat your tired feet and legs. This way we cleanse, energize and detoxify your feet that induce clear thinking and cleanse your bowel too.

How is foot massage beneficial for health?

  • A massage alleviates tension, anxiety and leads to deep relaxation state. With better blood circulation, it cleanses waste and toxins from the body.
  • It relieves pain, heals injury and promote mental health and well being. It also helps in easing bowel movement.
  • It is beneficial in relieving multiple sclerosis symptoms, cancer symptoms and its side effects too.
  • It reduces swollen legs, provides relief from PMS symptoms and reduces high blood pressure too.
  • This massage encourages homeostasis, a state in which body’s systems work in harmony to lead to a balanced state.
  • Rubbing the foot energizes and rejuvenates the body by releasing the blockages.
  • It reduces stress and thus, the diseases following it.
  • It also helps you identify and treat foot issues like corns, blisters and bunions.