Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage – A classic full body massage for beginners to ease pain and relax body

Swedish massage, also called the classic massage, is based on the western concepts of physiology and anatomy. It is the best bodywork performed in contemporary time to relax the entire body of the receiver. There are mainly five techniques that the therapists use while giving you a classic massage. These include stroking, tapping, rubbing, kneading and vibration to provide your body with multiple benefits.

If you are new to the concept of body massage and want to explore the joy of massage therapy, Swedish massage is great to start with as it prepares your body for a professional massage in a gentle way. Owing to the strokes and techniques used in Swedish massage, the therapies like the dual massage for couples, hot stone, and aromatherapy also come under this category.

What to expect during a Swedish massage session?

While giving you a Swedish massage, the therapist gives soft strokes on the delicate parts of the body and stronger strokes on the thicker muscle areas. This pressure adjustment makes the classic massage ideal for improving circulation, soothing muscles, releasing toxins, reducing stress, and relaxing the whole body.

Here, the practitioner will lubricate your body first using some massage oil and then will give you the massage strokes using traditional techniques like rubbing, tapping, vibration and even Swedish gymnastics. These movements will help warm up your muscle tissue, release stress and unwind the knots from the specific body part where the massage is given.

Varying from the personal style of the therapists, some of them may communicate with you or may play music to unwind your hidden energy during the massage session. Classic massage is very comfortable and soothing experience for the receiver because it is meant to relax the delicate parts of the body.

Why should you get professional Swedish massage from the Massage Escape?

At Massage Escape, we have a team of licensed and certified Swedish massage experts who have years of experience in delivering the best benefits of this massage to many receivers. After learning about your specific requirement and health condition, they use the most suitable technique to relax your body, release tension, ease pain, and relieve muscles. We make sure to follow the required health and safety guidelines while giving the massage. Also, we personalize the pressure as per the requirement of the receivers so that they are completely satisfied with the service.

Knowing the key benefits of the Swedish massage

  • It provides relief from chronic pains due to conditions like sciatica or osteoarthritis. It manages various pains naturally.
  • It rehabilitates any muscle injury by relaxing the layers of the muscles.
  • It increases the blood flow in the body which means your muscles will get more oxygen and nutrients and your body will be able to release toxins and wastes easily.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety by lowering the cortisol levels in the body and thus, strengthens your immunity system too.
  • It effectively reduces tension, headaches, eases migraine pain and promotes better sleeping pattern among individuals for a healthy and energetic life.