Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu – A Holistic Treatment to Benefit Overall Health and Wellbeing

Shiatsu is a healing touch, a therapeutic bodywork to support and strengthen the body’s capability to balance and heal itself. It is a holistic approach that works on all the aspects of a person’s body and wellbeing that include physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. Basically, it is a type of massage that includes techniques like pressing, soothing, tapping, kneading, and stretching to cure the body from within using its natural self-healing power. Shiatsu also aware a person about the right body posture along with breathing and exercise importance to achieve complete wellness.

Learning about the origin of Shiatsu

A Buddhist monk in the 16th century introduced shiatsu to Japan which is traditional Chinese medicine. However, in the early 1900s, the Japanese developed different methods of this massage form to suit their own physiology and environment. They used a combination of traditional Japanese manual therapies and modern western medical learning to develop different styles of shiatsu for multiple benefits.

What do you expect to experience during the Shiatsu session?

The shiatsu massage is very soothing and relaxing in nature and stimulates the vital energy in the body called Qi or Ki. Its literal translation is finger pressure where the practitioners use their hands, fingers and sometimes elbows, knees and feet too to press body’s energy points and release blocked energy channels.

Due to its dynamic effects, the body heals and readjusts itself to release tension and weakness and strengthen you physically and emotionally. It works as a complete cure to your weak mind, body and soul. To say the least, shiatsu is a deeply relaxing, and rejuvenating experience for the receiver and if you take this treatment regularly, you can get rid of stress and illness issues to maintain complete well-being.

How Massage Escape gives you the best Shiatsu treatment?

Massage Escape has a qualified and trained team of shiatsu professionals who use the best of touch, comfortable pressure and varied techniques to balance the energy flow and adjust the physical structure of the body. In our one hour session, we make sure that the clients get the specific treatment to benefit their health and well-being. Our experienced therapists detect the subtle response in our client’s condition and then apply pressure on the specific shiatsu points. Utilizing the true spirit of this therapy, our therapists are truly kind and caring while giving you this treatment for holistic results and benefits.

Knowing the key benefits of Shiatsu massage

  • Regular shiatsu massage is beneficial in treating common ailments like a headache, body ache, migraine, backache, cough, cold, and menstrual problems.
  • It eases muscular pain, joints pain, treats stiff neck and shoulders, and corrects body posture too.
  • Shiatsu massage on the abdominal area helps relieve constipation and eases digestive problems.
  • It can also provide relief from the side-effects of chemotherapy and treats skin problems.
  • It is very effective in enhancing the health and vitality among people including seniors and babies too.
  • It reduces stress, induces the feeling of relaxation and leads to a healthy mind, body and spirit.