Sports Massage

A Specifically Tailored Massage to Relieve Several Pain and Injuries

Traditionally, massage was developed for athletes or sportsperson to prepare their body for optimal performance in the game. It was designed to help athletes before, after and during the training period and help them prevent injuries, recover injuries and increase flexibility. But these days, it is not limited to the athletes. If you are physically active in any form, whether in sport, gym, running, cycling, weightlifting or any other form of exercise, you can get a massage and avail its benefits to stay fit, active and injury-free.

What makes sports massage different?

Unlike the other forms of massage, a sports massage is not a relaxing one. It can rather be quite strenuous. It is more like a treatment to improve the physical fitness of a person. In fact, the sports massage techniques are dependent on the person’s choice of sport or exercise. It focuses on the body parts that are extensively used during an activity and are stressed due to aggressive and repeated movements. This massage involves stretching the tight muscles, inactive muscles stimulation and improving the soft tissue condition.

How Massage Escape gives you the best sports massage?

Well, the professional therapists at Massage Escape thoroughly understand the difference between sports and a regular massage and thus, they use specific techniques to provide you with the best benefits. Being a remedial massage form, its purpose is different and so are the techniques used. If it is done with a wrong technique, it can harm you rather than doing any benefit. It also remains the fact that regular massage can be performed by any therapist but you need a professional massage therapist to get it done in the right way. Therefore, Massage Escape has a team of sports massage experts who are experienced in this form and use the right technique to deliver desired benefits.

Whether you need a pre-event massage which is usually short, increases flexibility, circulation and mind clarity for better performance or looking for post-event massage which includes relieving pain, recovering injury, relaxing muscles, improving circulation or restoring flexibility, Massage Escape assures you the best experience.

Why should you trust Escape Massage for sports massage?

Our therapists are thorough professionals and begin by first knowing your health and lifestyle. They maintain your privacy and keep you warm using towels. Also, the oil we use to give a massage is organic. After learning about your specific sports need or the body part that needs the treatment, they use specific technique varying from soft tissue release, neuromuscular technique, positional release or facial release. Our ultimate aim is to assure complete satisfaction of the client after the whole process is completed.

Some amazing benefits of the sports massage

The numerous benefits of this massage involve both physiological and psychological relaxation. These primarily include-

  • Reducing the chance of the injury and increasing endurance among the athletes
  • Reducing the recovery time after an injury
  • Reducing muscle tension and increasing range of motion.
  • Improving soft tissue function, decreasing muscle stiffness and reducing fatigue
  • Decreasing neurological excitability which means your nerves are more relaxed. And thus, you sleep better.
  • Improving overall physical fitness and athletic performance.