Reflexology Therapy

Reflexology – A Holistic Therapy to Balance Body Systems and for Improved Health

Reflexology is a kind of massage therapy that requires using hand, thumb and finger techniques to apply pressure and stimulate some specific areas of the feet, hands and ears to alleviate stress, reduce pain, and to benefit a person’s health. These are also called the reflex areas that are correspondent to or are connected energetically to different body parts through the energy channels. Though its history roots to ancient China and Egypt but in the year 1915, William H. Fitzgerald, an ENT doctor introduced the “zone therapy” concept which was further developed by Eunice Ingram, an American physiotherapist in 1930’s as modern reflexology.

How does the reflexology therapy work?

In reflexology, the therapists give pressure on the specific reflex areas on the feet and hands that are connected energetically to particular organs, glands, and parts of the body. Here, the certified reflexologist or therapist applies pressure to the specific reflex points to remove energy blockages and to secure the health and wellbeing of that body part.

The reflexology massage, if done professionally, is effective in balancing the nervous system and helps in releasing endorphins to reduce pain, anxiety, and stress issues. A professional reflexologist uses a compression technique wherein he uses the thumb and forefinger to connect reflex areas to the energy zones in the body. This massage is helpful in balancing the body and activates its natural capability to heal itself.

How Massage Escape gives you the best reflexology massage?

Reflexology is a treatment therapy which needs the right knowledge and execution on behalf of the practitioner to give you the desired benefits. Therefore, Massage Escape with a team of learned, certified and trained reflexologists, assures you the best experience during this therapy. Our professional reflexology therapists are well aware of the varied techniques used in this massage and use them judiciously to provide the client with expected relief and benefits.

We first analyze your health and determine the exact health condition you need help with. Then, we use the specific technique that fits your requirement of massage and provides you with the desired relief and results. Our practitioners make sure that the massage feels right to you and you feel comfortable during the process.

Amazing benefits you can expect from the reflexology therapy

The prime benefit of reflexology therapy lies in managing stress, promoting the feeling of relaxation among the individuals, increasing energy and eliminating toxins and wastes from the body. It strengthens the body’s ability to heal itself.

It is effective in reducing the pain of arthritis and osteoarthritis and fights chemotherapy symptoms like pain, nausea, diarrhea and constipation.

It stimulates and improves the nerve function for enhanced functionality. It also leads to increased energy levels, improved blood circulation, and better central nervous system.

It prevents migraines, headaches and fights depression and sleep disorder.

It aligns the functioning of different body organs and muscles for increased metabolism and boosted energy levels in the body for better health.