Five Tips for Combating the Holiday Stress

It is that time of year again. The tradition of floundering from store to store, getting holiday gifts for friends and family, and while you do so, you are met with large crowds and lines at every location, while you try to get every gift on your list. If you work in the postal or logistics business, you probably have your share of endless letters and packages that would likely take you all month to manage. Holiday stress is not only a figure of speech; it comes with the preparation of giving and receiving Christmas gifts.

Stress can do a number of negative things to the body, including the disruption of your sleeping habits, the increase of blood pressure, the increase of headaches, and the soreness of muscles and tendons. It’s not a bad idea to treat yourself to a massage in Gahanna, Ohio every once in a while, but in the meantime, here are some tips to help you manage stress before the reason for the season.

1. Inhaling citrusy scents, which come from fruits like oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes, are good for you. Studies have shown that citrus smells can raise a hormone called norepinephrine, which can brighten your mood. Two easy ways to do this is by eating delicious fruits or fruity snacks, or by purchasing essential oils that you can use on your body or in your home or office.

2. Take a walk, preferably in a place with no endless crowds of shoppers surrounding you. The cadence of your footsteps during a calm, peaceful walk can have a positive, meditative effect, helping you walk off stress in a nice and relaxing manner. By walking outside, you get a daily intake of vitamin D, regardless of the presence of the sun. Walking outside will increase your mood and rejuvenate your body as well.

3. Opt to be less active this holiday season. Attend less social gatherings, shop less, and do not go through as much trouble, so that you aren’t burnt out before the holidays officially begin. Simply not choosing to do these things will relieve stress levels. It’s okay to kindly turn down invitations to pre-Christmas parties.

Do shopping online, and do it as soon as you can, so that you can be sure to get the gifts your loved ones want, delivered on time, and for prices that you can afford. No driving, no frantic shopping, no worries.

4. If one of your yearly tasks is to bake, maybe for a Church or school function, it could feel like a waste of time for you. It’s okay to mix things up a little. Instead of baking your own cake or cookies, buy some store bought snacks that your peers would appreciate just as much. You can also gather your friends for coffee at your home or a local coffee shop in the time it would take to bake your sweets. Social interaction with friends can be an effective stress reducer.

5. And of course, you can always hire a masseuse. Getting a massage in Gahanna, Ohio can do a world of good for your mind and body this holiday season. A professional massage therapist can work to smooth and soothe you muscles that are easily strained by stress and pressure.

You can get your back, shoulders, neck, and feet massaged, and you will feel better physically and mentally. Massaging can fight anxiety and refresh your mind from stress and worry. Hiring a masseuse to rejuvenate you is always a good idea this Christmas season.