5 steps to get the most of your massage


  1. Be in the moment

You might feel it’s “rude” to not speak to the therapist, but your mission is really to get the most possible out of your massage. To get the most out of your massag, it works really well to treat it as “meditation”. First, clear your mind. Then focus on the feelings in each muscle as your therapist is working them. Try to see the feelings in your muscles as colors and make the feelings of the massage the only thing in your mind. You will be blown away how good you will feel and the total relaxation that will follow.


2. Tell the therapist what you need

Your therapist  is 100% focused is on making it the best possible massage experience for you. If he/she is really good, they will find your sore spots. However, if you tell about your problems before you start, they will be able to focus on those areas right away, and you’ll get so much more out of the massage. Also, make sure to tell if it’s too light or to deep (hard). Giving the feedback will make sure the massage is exactly what you want.


3. Make sure you’re comfortable

Is the room too cold or too hot? Are you comfortable on the table? This is your time, so speak up. Trying to be polite will make your experience less than great, and you’ll be less likely to come back.


4. Hydrate afterwards

One hour or more of full body massage will push a lot of toxins out of your system. Make sure to drink at least 16oz water within 30 minutes of finishing your massage. This will help your body flush things out and you’ll feel so much better!


5. Maybe some ice?

If your therapist did a lot of deep tissue work at a particular area. Ask them if they recommend icing the area in the evening. Sometimes, that will get you even better results if you have inflamed muscles.