Stone Massage

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage may seem like a novel concept but it isn’t. It was used by the native Americans who used the power of hot stones to provide relief to their aching muscles. However, today it has been transformed into a more spiritual as well as relaxing experience for its patrons.

This type of massage has gained immense popularity over the years due to its effectiveness in releasing muscle tension and helping you feel deep relaxation. This specialist massage is conducted by a licensed therapist who places hot and smooth stones on your body. The heat from these stones then transfers to your muscles and provides comfort. The warmth emanating from hot stones can loosen up tight muscles and enable the therapist to provide you deep tissue massage.

According to the experts of Hot Stone Massage Service, the therapists usually use basalt stones because of their healing properties, smoothness, and non-porosity. As a result, they are able to retain the heat and provide comfort for longer. These stones are available in various shapes and sizes and are placed along the meridians of your body for a calming effect. The therapist will also use gentle strokes to stimulate the blood flow underneath your skin that helps eliminate all kinds of stress, releases toxins, and relieves pain. People who experience massage with heat swear by its effectiveness.

Here are some of its common benefits that makes it such a popular practice amongst its users.

  • A long session of hot stones massage can help your body get rid of muscle spasm, pain, tension, and also provide muscle relaxation benefits.
  • The gentle strokes and heat transferred from these stones helps the body release toxins and gives your skin a radiant glow.
  • With a regular session, you will be able to witness a noticeable decrease in your stress and anxiety levels.
  • The therapy is designed in such a way that it improves flow of energy as well as blood circulation, providing number of health benefits such as regulation of blood pressure, release of toxins, stimulation of blood flow etc.
  • If you are someone struggling with sleep issues, then consider getting a hot stones massage to promote better sleep.
  • It helps you reduce and manage stress. At the same time, the warm comfort from these hot stones can also relieve muscle tension.
  • Some experts even claim that the hot stone massage performed regularly can help you relieve cancer symptoms as well as autoimmune diseases
  • The warmth from these stones can work wonders on your joint flexibility.

Now you know why hot stone massage is so popular and why you should get one too? However, before you book a session, keep in mind that this is a highly specialized massage that can only be performed by a trained therapist to avoid any burns. So make sure you have thoroughly performed your due diligence before committing to a session.