Guide for Columbus

Weekend Getaway Guide for Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio, is not just a lively city but an attractive destination for all kinds of travelers. From its bustling art scene to range of activities, many people find themselves naturally gravitating to this sport-crazed city! Sample its lip-smacking cuisine or immerse yourself in its drinking culture, this is called America’s coolest town for a reason.

On that note, let us check out some interesting things to do if you are planning to spend a weekend in this small, yet eclectic town.

Visit the North Market

One of the most famous things you need to check out in Columbus is its public market. North Market was established in 1876 that is active even today. It sells the freshest farm produce to baked cheese, fresh flowers to fruits etc. If possible, time your visit between June and October when the gentle summer breeze will be accompanied with the fragrance of its produce. Don’t forget to pick up some genuine souvenirs for your friends and family members back home.

Explore the quaint German Village

Early 19th century saw a mass immigration of German settlers that gave this village its name. The neighborhood retains its Germanic culture that can be seen all around in its architecture, food, dialect etc. If you are craving for some delectable Schnitzel, then this is where you must go! Did you know that they also conduct the annual Oktoberfest and Haus und Garten Tour? The European flavor of this quaint village will make such a charming day excursion!

Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

When you are done exploring the cuisine and culture, how about spending some time amid nature and fragrant flowers? Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens feature greenhouses that feature more than 400 rare species of plants found in various regions and climates. These plants come from as far as Himalayas, the Pacific, rainforest, and even desert. Check about the upcoming exhibitions that include “Origami in the Gardens,” “Blooms and Butterflies” etc. Plan your visit around these exhibitions to experience some of these magnificent plants.

Walk the Trails of the Scioto Mile

Just revel in nature as you walk along the Scioto River which is perfect for strolling, biking, or even jogging. The bicentennial park just recently open in 2015 after complete rehabilitation and is the ground for free summer concerts for youngsters!

Columbus Museum of Art

No visit to Columbus, OH, is complete unless you check out their Columbus Museum of Art. Even though the exhibition itself is not that huge, its artwork is magnificent and worth a visit. Additional gallery space was added in 2015 for permanent and rotating collection.

Once you are done exploring the city, why not unwind with a relaxing Columbus massage? These masseurs in Columbus are highly trained and qualified to massage the tiredness out of your body. Don’t forget to include all these interesting places in your weekend trip to get the most out of your short holiday!