Foot Reflexology

Everything You Need to Know About Foot Reflexology

Foot massages are enjoyable to get from your therapist, but did you also know there is foot reflexology available? Foot reflexology is among the services you can get when you book an appointment with an expert massage therapist in Columbus, Ohio.

About Foot Reflexology

Unlike a foot massage, a foot reflexology is a manipulation of soft tissues around the foot to give your feet as well as overall health and wellbeing various benefits. Foot reflexology involves applying pressure to certain areas of the feet. Therapists that specialize in massage Columbus, Ohio believe that certain reflex points around the foot are linked to different systems and bodily organs. By activating these nerves, these therapists believe that people can receive health benefits depending on what is worked on.

Here are the benefits of foot reflexology from a massage therapist:

Calm, Relaxed Feelings

A foot reflexology is a nice way for you to relax, especially after a rough day of work. Even with a five to ten-minute reflexology, you are sure to feel better from head to toe with minimal feeling of stress or pain.
Improved Blood Circulation

Because of how we live, we don’t properly put our feet to work like we are supposed to. The circulation in our feet become stalled when we are sitting for most of our day and sleep for even more time. Foot reflexology helps to improve our blood circulation, allowing our bodies to receive oxygen and other nutrients all throughout.

Relieves Bodily Pain and Stress

Foot reflexology doesn’t just heal pain in your feet, but other parts of the body also. Therapists activate pressure on the reflex points in the feet in order to give balance to the nervous system. This also releases endorphins that allow you to feel happier by combating toxins in your body that cause you stress. Activating reflex points is necessary to also alleviate symptoms of depression. If done professionally and with care, it also helps in treating headaches, neck pain, upper back aches, and lumbar pain.

That Reflex Areas Are Linked to Which Body Parts?

As stated previously, massage therapists assume that certain parts of the foot correspond to specific parts and organs throughout the body. When applying pressure to these points on the feet, they are meant to expel blockages of energy and restore calmness to that corresponding area of the body. Consider a foot reflexology in Columbus today.
Here are some reflex areas and where they relate to in the rest of your body:

The tips of your toes relate to the head.

  • The ball of your foot relates to the heart and chest.
  • The arch of your foot relates to the liver, kidney, and pancreas.
  • The heel of your foot relates to the lower back and intestines.

How Is A Foot Massage Different from A Foot Reflexology?

A foot massage may feel similar to a foot reflexology, especially when it comes to rubbing the foot. A massage is less complex and more direct, and it is simply done to relieve soft tissues of pressure just from around the foot. A foot massage works like a massage for your back or shoulders, in the sense that it helps loosen muscles and allow blood to continue circulating to that part of the body. Unlike foot reflexology, however, foot massages are typically part of a more elaborate massage package.