Swedish Massages

The Differences Between Sports and Swedish Massages

When considering getting a 45-minute to 1-hour massage from a professional therapist, you might come across various names for massages, such as Swedish and sports massage. Our customers always ask “Are these just fancy names for massages, or is there more to it?”.

While there are also Thai, Shiatsu, and deep tissue massages that are very common, according to your massage Columbus Ohio center, sports and Swedish massages are simply the best.

However, it’s not enough to just order a plain massage, as your therapist needs to know which way you’d like to be massaged, as both massages require different techniques. So, what are the differences between sports and Swedish massages? Read on to find out.

Sports Massage

A sports massage, as you might assume, is a massage that was originally invented for athletes in mind. It’s the most recommended massage for athletes of all kinds to get, that are dealing with injury and/or soreness.

Sports massages emphasize on the muscles and tendons alike. These massages are proven to not only remove stress and pain, but also improve flexibility in the joints and muscles.

This massage can also be ideal for everyday people, too. Your therapist will ask you beforehand what you do for a living and where you typically feel pain or stress in your body. He or she will concentrate on these areas the most during your massage session. Other body parts such as your feet, back, and shoulders will also get a good workout.

Sports massages can also be performed following an event coming up on your schedule. This massage cannot just treat pain, but also reduce and possibly prevent it. You can schedule a sports massage before a soccer game, marathon, or even just the next day of work.

There are various forms of the sports massage, and therapists even do brief versions of the massage in the middle of a sporting event for athletes. To get the best and most effective massage, get one that lasts for close to an hour.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massages come from a lineage of massage therapists from the country of Sweden, and are most known for their relaxing effects on patients. To relieve tension on muscles, the therapist uses a combination of soft, long strokes and light taps to ease muscles, reduce stress, and improve flexibility, so it does share a few purposes with sports massages.

This type of massage, however, can also improve blood circulation in the body. The reduction of stress from Swedish massages can also lead to better responses from your immune system. Not only that, but your digestive system is also refined with improved gastrointestinal motility. In short, a Swedish massage can help you digest food better.

Which Massage Should You Get?

A Swedish massage is generally known for being light and relaxing, like a vibrating chair. A sports massage is known to be a little more intense, as the therapist works deeper into the muscles, but still isn’t meant to be as painful.

Choose a sports massage if you consider yourself to be an active person, as this massage can work to treat and prevent injuries.

Choose a Swedish massage if you are in need of improving your mental and physical health, as it comes with additional health benefits besides experiencing less stress.


Both massages are meant to be effective, but make sure that you prefer one over the other so that you don’t end up getting a massage that doesn’t feel all that helpful to you. To schedule a massage, visit your nearest massage therapist in Columbus.