Why You Should Consider Getting a Hot Stone Massage

What Is a Hot Stone Massage, And How Does It Work?

A hot stone massage means using heated stones for providing the required massage. These stones may be lava shells or, more commonly, heated river stones which are used by massage therapists because they are smooth and absorb heat well.

The massage professional heats the stones to roughly 40°C before your massage with a special heater. You don’t have to be concerned about the temperature being too hot or causing your skin to burn because a trained therapist ensures that the temperatures are perfect and consistent. They will not heat the stones in a microwave or use any other method because this would result in an uneven or erroneous temperature.

There are several types of hot stone massage techniques, some of which are dependent on the therapist. The stones are usually placed on the body in specific areas, either physically directed or on energy points said to improve balance and flow.

The massage therapist will not only leave the stones in place but will also utilize them to execute Swedish massage techniques like kneading, long smooth strokes, and rolling.

A majority of people remark about how relaxing and rejuvenating a hot stone massage can be. They report that their back pain is lessened, and anxiety and tension are reduced as well, according to the participants. Hot stone massages appear to be beneficial to your health.

Here Are a Few Benefits of Getting Hot Stone Massages

The Depths of Your Skin Tissue are Helped by The Heat.

One of the great advantages of using hot stones is that the heat from the stones enters your body, bringing many of the massage benefits to a deeper level. It promotes deep muscular relaxation, allowing the massage therapist to work more thoroughly without using the same amount of pressure as in a deep tissue massage.

It’s a Very Soothing Experience.

Consider how nice it feels to be warmed by a fire on a cool day, and you’ll see why the heat of the hot stones is so soothing and peaceful. It’s as though you’re being embraced from the inside out. It simply feels like you’ve arrived at ‘home.’

It Helps You Sleep.

One of the many advantages of getting a hot stone massage at home is that it can assist you in falling into a deeper, more restful, and regenerative sleep. More research on the advantages of hot stone massage and sleep is needed, but it seems to help everyone we know to sleep better!

Stress And Anxiety Are Relieved.

Massages have been clinically proven to decrease tension and anxiety, particularly hot stone massage. It’s actually quite fascinating to see why this is the case. Massage stimulates a variety of processes. Stress and anxiety are reduced as endorphins, and other feel-good hormones are released. Simultaneously, ‘stress’ chemicals like norepinephrine and cortisol are reduced.

The points mentioned above should help you understand the benefits of getting hot stone massages from a reputable massage therapist. Contact us for bookings with the best massage therapists for all kinds of massages.

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