Sports Massage

Do You Need a Therapeutic Sports Massage?

From improving sleep to decreasing muscle spasm, and improving flexibility to reducing muscle tension, there are many reasons for athletes to get a massage after practice.

If you are like many people, you probably assume that massage is a luxurious undertaking that you can do without. However, this is not always the case. Massage has incredible benefits for kids and grownups alike. It is even more beneficial for athletes, as you will notice in this article.

Pain relief

Exercise is a great way to relieve pain. But sometimes, it can leave you sore – especially if you do it after a long time (or push beyond your limits).unfortunately, this pain doesn’t usually go away immediately, and can even result in injury. In this case, a nice sports massage can help prevent such pains from accelerating by reducing muscle soreness.  

Increased joint range of motion and flexibility 

Muscle injuries are common these days, thanks to the sedentary lifestyles. The problem is more prevalent among adults than kids because joints tend to tighten with age. This makes flexibility and range of motion more restricted. Therapeutic massage can be a great way to maintain and improve movement and flexibility. By working on tendons, connective tissues, muscles, joints and ligaments from time to time, you can enhance your flexibility and motion range.

Decreased muscle spasm

Muscle spasm can happen after exercising for two reasons: muscle fatigue and electrolyte imbalance through sweating. While some contractions go away after a few seconds, some can be incapacitating. Targeted massage interferes with the adhesions and chemical bonds that hold the muscle in twitching. Therapeutic massage increases the supply of oxygen, blood and nutrients to the muscle, thus stimulating the nerves to produce pain-blocking impulses.

Better sleep

Exercise is an excellent remedy for insomnia. In fact, people who suffer from sleeping problems are often advised to do some exercise. But as mentioned earlier, it can also lead to muscle tension, discomfort, pain and ache. Massage therapy calms the body, allowing you to sleep better. It helps the muscles release any pressure as well as all the lactic acid that accumulates during exercise. This, in turn, leaves you feeling relaxed.

Reduces recovery time between workouts

Different researches have shown that having a massage after an exercise can boost recovery time, two times faster than regular rest. This is thanks to enhanced nutrients and blood flow to the muscles. When your blood is flowing smoothly, oxygen and nutrients can reach the tissues and muscles, unlocking them from any build-up and tension. A sports massage is ideal for restoring your original range of motion and is perfect when you do not have a lot of recovery time between workouts.


Massage is not just great for the reasons mentioned above – it can also be a way to reward your body after a strenuous exercise. Your body works so hard during workouts, and it deserves some tender loving and care. Besides, knowing there is a reward (in this case, massage) after exercise can be a great motivator to exercise often.


Sports massage can be used for rehabilitation, during training as well as before and after performance. That’s why it is a popular choice for athletes, including novices and elites, and everyone in between. So, if you are wondering if it’s the right choice for you, then the answer is yes.