Six Legit reasons for you to get a massage today!

Everyone needs a massage, at least every once in a while. Whether you’re feeling tense or just need to relax after a long day, getting a massage can improve your mood and relieve stress. There are plenty of reasons why we think you should get one today!

1. Helps boost immunity

A good massage not only improves the blood flow but changes the entire combination for enjoying good! Harvard research reveals that receiving 45-minute Swedish massage results in higher concentrations of blood proteins, which reduce the risk for tumours, viruses, and other infections. So, are you ready with the list of “massage places near me”?

2. Recovery from injury or surgery

People are starting to see the benefits of massage therapy in physical rehab, and many hospitals now have therapists on board who can work with post-op patients. For some people, it is their first experience receiving a professional massage – but it probably won’t be their last!

3. Relieve stiffness and improves range of motion

Not only do athletes get massages to keep their muscles in great shape, but the general public is catching on to this idea as well. Getting a massage helps with muscle toning and recovery after sports or recreation are played- this is useful due to our bodies’ slower rehab time when we’re getting older! This can be especially beneficial for older people who want to maintain an active lifestyle during middle age and beyond.

4. Acts as a painkiller

People love massages for the relief they provide from physical pain. Tiffany Field, PhD, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, said that massage reduces cortisol, a stress hormone, and increases serotonin. Therefore, it decreases our perception of painful stimuli by reducing suffering through chemical reactions in your body’s neurochemistry.

5. Help you fight insomnia

Do you have trouble sleeping? Don’t despair. There are many natural ways to combat insomnia! Simply type “best massage places near me“, and you are ready to go! Massage has been shown in scientific studies and clinical trials as an effective way of helping people fall asleep easier, sleep deeper, maintain a better quality of sleep throughout the night and wake up feeling refreshed with increased energy levels all day long!

6. Good for overcoming PMS

Massages can help reduce many of the negative symptoms that come with a woman’s menstrual cycle. Water retention, depression and back pain are all reduced when you get one because it helps to relax your muscles which in turn reduces any aches and pains too. So go ahead and book yourself an appointment!

Massages have been used for centuries to relieve stress, improve circulation and encourage the body’s natural healing process. Your imagination only limits the benefits of a massage! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article on the top 6 reasons to get a massage. We insist you give one a try today and see what you’ve been missing all these years.

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