Top 5 Massage Styles in Gahanna and their Benefits

Massage practice has been around for thousands of years. And today, if you need a massage, you can select from more than 80 therapy styles with varying movements, techniques, and pressure.

Massage therapies involve rubbing, manipulating or pressing muscles and other soft tissues with fingers and hands. Occasionally, professionals use feet, elbows, and forearms to enhance the experience. According to a 2007 survey by the American Massage Therapy Association, approximately a quarter of the entire adult population in the country got a minimum of one massage in the previous year for varying reasons. People, especially adults, are realizing the benefits of massage and are embracing them to heal injuries, relieve symptoms, enhance overall wellness and to assist with specific health issues.

Massage therapy styles range from short, percussive stroke to long, smooth strokes. Some therapists use lotions and oils; others don’t. Some have customers remove their clothes for massage, while others don’t. Depending on your needs, massage duration can last from five minutes to two hours. Here are the top 5 massage in Gahanna and their benefits

Swedish massage

The Swedish massage involves light, rhythmic, tapping stroke and soft, long, kneading strokes on the top muscle layers. The therapy is not only relaxing but energizing too. Some popular strokes of Swedish massage include

  • Tapotement is a brief, alternating tap performed with cupped fingers or hands.
  • Effleurage involves a smooth, sliding stroke for relaxing soft tissue
  • Petrissage, it’s the rolling, kneading or squeezing that follows effleurage.
  • Friction features deep, round motions that make tissue layers rub against each other. This therapy breaks down scar tissues and facilitates blood flow.

Deep tissue massage

If you have a painful and stiff spot in your body, you’ll benefit much from this massage. Your therapist will use a slow, deliberate stroke to concentrate pressure on layers if tendons, muscles and other deep-seated tissues under your skin. While it’s not as rhythmic as other massage types, deep tissue therapy can relieve chronic tension patterns as well as help with muscle injuries.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese word that means “finger pressure.” In this therapy, the expert uses his or her knees, elbow, fingers, fist or even fit to create a varying, rhythmic pressure on particular body points called acupressure points. This enhances energy flow (chi) in your body and can help you feel calm and de-stressed.

Sports massage

Sports massage uses different approaches to help both athletes and nonathletes promote flexibility and also protect against injuries. The therapy is also ideal for facilitating healing following a sports injury or muscle strains.


Reflexology involves the use of thumb, finger and hand techniques to stimulate particular areas of the feet. It’s believed that these areas correspond to different body parts, so the therapy leverages this to enhance health and well being.

Before you book in for your massage in Gahanna, ensure your therapist understands your needs and can deliver as per your expectations. A good therapist can easily integrate more than one style in a session and also customize the process according to your condition, age, goals or any special needs.