Everything You Should Know About Pre-Natal Massages 

Anyone who has ever had a professional massage knows that it makes both the body and the mind feel better — and a prenatal massage is no exception, mainly when extra weight and changes in posture cause new aches and pains in a pregnant woman.

If you are searching for requisite professionals who offer the best prenatal massages, just search online for “Prenatal massage near me.”  Here’s everything a pregnant woman needs to know about getting a massage;

What Is the Definition of a Prenatal Massage?

The structural changes that occur during pregnancy are accommodated by prenatal massages. A conventional message may have you lying face-down on your stomach for half of the time (which is impossible with a baby tummy) and facing up for the other half.

As your shape and posture change, a trained massage therapist will make compromises with specific cushioning systems or holes, allowing you to sleep face down comfortably while allowing room for your increasing belly and breasts. Alternatively, you can support yourself by lying on your side with pillows and cushions.

Is It Safe to Get a Massage While You’re Pregnant?

Prenatal massages are considered safe after the first trimester, as long as you have your practitioner’s consent and also advise your massage therapist that you’re expecting.

Massages should definitely be avoided during the first three months of pregnancy since they can make morning sickness worse and make you feel dizzy. Contrary to popular belief, there is no eject button that might unintentionally disrupt your pregnancy, and there isn’t much clear scientific data that specific types of massage can have an effect one way or the other.

Specific pressure points are avoided by some massage therapists., such as the one between the anklebone and the heel, for fear of inducing contractions, but there is no solid proof that massage can indeed initiate labor.

A prenatal massage has been shown in studies to lower stress hormones in the body, as well as relax and loosen muscles. It can help improve blood flow, which is crucial during pregnancy, and keep your lymphatic system running smoothly. It also reconnects your mind and body, which is comforting if you’ve ever wondered if you have a child or if an extraterrestrial has taken up residence inside of you.

Top Benefits of Prenatal Massages

Regular prenatal massages can help you relax while you’re pregnant, as well as relieve the following symptoms:

  • Insomnia
  • Pain in the joints
  • Neck and back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Your hands and feet are swollen
  • Leg twitching
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sinus congestion and headaches

The information mentioned above will help you better understand what a prenatal massage is and how it can benefit you during your pregnancy. However, when picking a massage therapist, you should opt for one that has a long-standing history of satisfied clients. Contact us to book an appointment with the best prenatal massage therapists in your surrounding area.