Everything There Is to Know About Swedish Massages

The Swedish massage is a common option provided by most massage therapy centers but what is a Swedish massage? Does the therapist need to be a Swede in order to perform it? Do you need to be a Swede in order to fully embrace its benefits?

Truth be told, any professional can give this type of massage, any patient can receive it, and it is a rather common massage to come across in many massage places in Columbus, Ohio. The Swedish massage is known as one of the best massages in European and North American countries, as a matter of fact. It is also a very influential massage which spawned later massage techniques such as deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, and sports massage.

Why is it called the “Swedish massage”? There are many factors that have led up to what we know of the massage as it is today. In the 1800s, Dutch practitioner Johan Georg Mezger and Swedish physiologist Per Henrik Ling were credited for many of the massage movements that we use today in the providing of a massage. There is a misconception of who truly came up with our version of the Swedish massage, as both specialists worked independently. The majority of people give Ling the credit for the system, as he was born first. In the US, it is known as the Swedish massage, whereas is Sweden, it’s known as the “classic massage”.

If you are looking to get your very first massage, the Swedish massage is likely the best option. From most massage places in Columbus, Ohio, a Swedish massage can last anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes at a time, depending on the center that you go to. You could also pay for 75 to 90 minutes of a Swedish Massage, and with that extra time, the specialist has more time to work on your body and further deliver positive results.

The primary goals to getting a Swedish massage are to relieve pain in the body, release tightened muscles, make the body more flexible, and stimulate the circulatory system. Swedish massages can either be fast-moving and intense or slow and gentle. The experience you get from a Swedish massage will ultimately depend on the therapist’s style and the experience that he or she will intend.

But what are the steps to a Swedish massage? First, the therapist will tell you to lie on the table either face up or down. He or she will then leave the room to that you have time to get situated. When you are ready, he or she will ask is the therapy can begin.

Next, the therapist lubricates your skin with a fine massage oil and rubs the skin in various effective manners. The oil is used in all Swedish massages, as it helps the therapist to massage the skin and muscles in an effective manner. Basic massage techniques in Swedish massages include the following:

  • Swedish gymnastics (regulated movements of the limbs)
  • vibration
  • friction
  • effleurage (circular palm strokes)
  • petrissage (kneading of the body)
  • and tapotement (rapid striking of the body)

All of these actions perk up the muscle tissue and release any tension that these muscles could have. Adhesions, knots, and other sore areas in the muscles are meant to break up and dissolve. While the therapist is doing his or her thing, you should feel as relaxed as possible.

If there are any injuries that you might have suffered, be sure to let your therapist know beforehand. You should also inform your therapist if you have muscle tightness somewhere, are pregnant, or suffer from allergic reactions.