6 Signs that you May Need a Massage in Bexley

Massage therapy not only feels great, but it is also a healthy way to reward our bodies after long days at work. But sometimes, the busy schedules can make us forget about making massage appointments.

If you are like most people, you probably have been planning for a massage for months, but have not made a point to book in for an appointment. You keep pushing it forward, until when you cannot postpone it any longer. This should not be the case. Massage has incredible benefits for the body, and it also is the best way to appreciate yourself after the hard work. Here are the six signs you need a massage.

1. You have not had a massage for a long time

If you have not had a massage for months, or even years, then, that is a clear sign to get a Bexley massage. You need a regular massage for best results. Therapists recommend getting a massage at least once every month for maintenance, or even more if you are trying to rehabilitate from an injury.

2. You are feeling pain in the neck, hip, shoulder, or back

If something is wrong, your body will communicate to you through the pain. For instance, if you have an infection, inflammation, traumatic brain injury and more, you are highly likely to suffer from headaches. So, if you’re continually having hip, shoulder, back or neck pain, then there could be an underlying issue. Routine maintenance massage can help relieve these pressure pains, and in the process, enhance a healthy posture. The therapy is seen to offer some relief to those suffering from migraines.

3. You are training

As a sports person, whether you are into biking, kayaking, hiking, water skiing, football, basketball, volleyball, etc., you are always challenging your body physically. It is therefore vital to have some massage therapy to treat the muscles. You will be surprised by how much a good Bexley massage therapist can assist to keep you active and free from injuries.

4. If you feel inflexible

If you realize that you cannot even do the most basic things comfortably, then you, without a doubt, need a massage. Two 30-minute massage sessions in a week can work wonders to restore your flexibility and also relieve pain that results from lower back stiffness.

5. When you are stressed

Stress is good, especially when it nudges you to work harder. However, when it gets out of hand, then there is a problem. Massage is an excellent way to relieve all the body tension that causes stress. You can use the therapy to ensure you are free from stress, and health issues that tag along with it. You also may use a massage before a game, interview, or a date to alleviate the tension in your mind and muscles.

6. When you are feeling low

There are days when you need to boost your moods. According to some studies, massage helps to increase the serotonin level – which is linked to happiness – by 28%. It also increases dopamine – related to reward, arousal, and motivation – by 31%. When you blend the two neurotransmitters, then you are sure about boosting your moods.