How Much Clothing Should I Wear for My Massage?

When getting a massage for the first time, many people are skeptical in regards to what clothes they should wear but it’s perfectly understandable. Being in a room with a stranger when he or she is touching your body can make one concerned, even if the goal is clear about massaging and why you have booked one.

What to wear during a massage is arguably the most frequent question that customers ask massage therapists. Fortunately, you can wear anything that you feel comfortable in for the best massage Columbus Ohio has to offer. When you go in for a massage, wear as little clothing that makes you comfortable. If you aren’t sure what to wear or how much to wear, proceed onwards to get a better understanding of what to expect when you get a massage.

Completely Clothed

You’re probably one of those people who can’t understand why you need to strip down to have a stranger work on your body. Removing clothing is typically done so that the massage can work the best that it can, but in actuality, it is possible to be fully clothed and get massaged. The problem with being clothed is that it limits how much the massage therapist can do. They can massage several body parts just fine, but the effectiveness and fluidity might not all be there. Massage lotions can also be less effective, as your clothes will tend to absorb them rather than your skin.

Down to Undergarments

Many people prefer to just take their top layers off, like shirts and pants, and this allows a good balance between getting an effective massage while not revealing too much to your therapist. If you feel the most relaxed and comfortable keeping your undergarments on, then it might be the best option that you can choose going into your massage. There are still instances where your garments may interfere with your massage. For instance, if you wear a bra, the strap that goes around your back can get in the way of getting a back massage in that area.

Completely Bare

You can get a massage without wearing any clothes at all, and for some, it allows people to relax the most as well as allow the therapist to massage all the important parts of your body with no interference. You won’t be completely exposed to your massage therapist, however. Your private areas will still be covered by the sheets from the massage table that you lay on. You technically won’t be completely naked, but when your therapist rubs your back, hips, shoulders, and other parts, he or she will still be able to give you a fluid massage and a smaller chance of any oils getting absorbed into cloth or clothing. You will have to turn over at one or more points in your massage, but your therapist will see that your private areas are still covered with sheets or towels.

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